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The Starlight Girls: Prefix Artist To Watch: Brooklyn Band Readies first full-length tour

If "A Coney Island of the Mind" had a house band, it might very well be the Starlight Girls. While their name is evocative of the group's sound - waves crashing under boardwalks, seedy '40s piano lounges, cheap thrills, film noir soundtracks and Hollywood cocktail parties all come to mind - it's also partially misleading.
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Album Review: Lana Del Rey - Born to Die

It must be disappointing to many that the title track on Born to Die uses a cleaned-up version of the line "I wanna fuck you hard in the pouring rain." Though it must be universally agreed upon that "kiss you hard" sounds more natural coming from those famously puffy lips than the vulgarity that had blogs buzzing when the live version of the song first made the rounds a few months back. Lyrics cannot be considered one of Lana's (nee Lizzy Grant, as she is listed in the writing credits, and under which name she had previously recorded) strengths, anyway.
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062011-apps-technews-turntable-ss-662w_profile spins online music services right ’round

There comes a brief shining moment in the life of every phenomenally popular social media start-up when "monetize" isn't in every other sentence written about the company, and people just marvel at the concept., a new streaming music site, seems to be having such a moment.
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Old Record Store, New Gallery

"It started last year in response to the economic downturn," says Manom Slome, cofounder of No Longer Empty, a cooperative formed to stage site-specific exhibitions in vacant commercial spaces. "Walking on Madison one day, we counted about 15 empty storefronts," Slome recalls.
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Songs That Took On New Resonance After 9/11: On 9/12 We Found New

In the past few days everybody has been thinking and talking about where they were and what they were doing on 9/11. What about how we picked up the pieces on 9/12? To be sure, there were many head-on musical responses to the events of September 11, 2001.
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How Is Michael Jackson Like A Bottle Of Wine?

The Tribeca vino hall and music venue City Winery (which, it must be said, moves pretty damn fast) owned by Michael Dorf of the defunct Knitting Factory, hops on the tribute train tonight with a wine and music pairing featuring five wines -- one for each MJ era -- and 25 songs.
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The New York Dolls: A Fix And A Kiss

When the New York Dolls took the stage in Williamsburg last night they were nothing if not dramatic. The anticipation of seeing the Dolls perform can't be what it was a few years ago, when they "reunited" (Johnny Thunders and Jerry Nolan were long dead and Arthur "Killer" Kane played one show with the reincarnated Dolls in London before dying as well -- leaving only David Johansen and guitarist Sylvain Sylvain from the classic line-up), but a darkened theater and blaring music that sounded as though it was meant to herald the second coming of Christ, not David Johansen, did the trick.
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Splashy Entrance: First Look at City Winery

Images The idea, hatched somewhere in the recesses of Knitting Factory founder Michael Dorf's mind after he made his own barrel of wine, seems simple enough: Create a space at the vortex where wine and music meet. There's more overlap than you might think.
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