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Preston Farm & Winery

A serendipitous sequence of luck, magic, mystery, chaos and belief brought Lou Preston to the place he is today. Which is, essentially, where he started—and, at the same time, far from it.
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That unsold bottle of Merlot is probably winding up in your gas tank

The first thing you notice is the smell. An acrid eau-de-wet-garbage mixed with electrical fire and burning diesel. Mad Max meets scratch and sniff. Breweries and distilleries have a distinct aroma, like moist bread. The backrooms of gin distilleries can fill with the scent of cardamom and juniper and smell like a Silk Road spice cart.
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Drinkers Without Borders

Wine country restaurants are (finally!) taking their wine lists way, way beyond Napa and Sonoma. It sounds like blasphemy, but it’s true: Finding an adventurous wine list in wine country is shockingly difficult. Laboring under the misapprehension that regional wines alone are of interest to their customers, Napa and Sonoma restaurants all too often stick to the usual suspects—mega-production “local” wines easily available from their distributor.
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The Future of Talent

Where will the most gifted people in the world work? Wherever they want. We almost forget that Madison Avenue once had more than a representational connotation. It was a place. A place at the pinnacle of a fast-talking grey-flannel-suited culture that celebrated plastic everything, joy rides just for the sake of burning gasoline, mass-produced homes among manicured lawns and, perhaps most of all, a rampant and joyful consumerism.
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Hungarian Wines Are Getting Their Shot at the Spotlight

Decades of Communist rule didn’t kill Hungary’s centuries-old winemaking tradition, but the country’s reputation for mass-produced, sickly sweet wines nearly did. Today, however, that’s finally changing.
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Bait and Switch

Sometimes a toothfish is just a toothfish. And sometimes it’s a sea bass. Not really. It’s just a toothfish. A study released in February by conservation group Oceana found that, among other shocking revelations, 59 percent of America’s “tuna” isn’t. You’ve likely seen some of the reaction in the media.
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Is California Bubbly Finally Coming into Its Own?

California’s sparkling wines are growing—in both number and quality. And they might finally get their due. Throughout the country, the popularity of sparkling wine is surging skyward like a cork shot from a bottle. And here in the Bay Area, a growing number of producers are competing with champagne houses to go straight to your head.
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The Best of the West

YOU’D THINK THAT PLACING a “Napa Valley only” limit on a restaurant wine list would constitute an unwelcome constraint in the eyes of sommeliers, but Kelli White and Scott Brenner of Press in St. Helena, Calif., have accepted the challenge with enthusiasm. After moving to Napa from New York in 2010 to launch Press’ wine program, the two have assembled the largest collection of Napa bottles in wine country, with vintages going back to the 1940s.
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Such Great Heights: Manchester Ridge Vineyard and the “Island” AVA

“This road is littered with winemakers who have tried to make wine here,” says Greg La Follette, careening in a rickety pick-up through a winding and narrow dirt road with shear drops into the ravines below. We’re bouncing along the road to Manchester Ridge Vineyard, a place where La Follette has come since 2008 to make what some call one of America’s best pinots.
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Chinatown Cake Club: Baking's Speakeasy

Forget the retro speakeasy cocktail craze and drinking establishments with unmarked doors. Welcome to the rough and tumble world of back-alley baking. Macao Trading Co. pastry chef Victoria Howe is taking her baking skills to the underground with the Chinatown Cake Club. The private invite-only tastings will be held, initially, in Howe's Chinatown apartment -- a move might necessitate a name change.
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It's Not The Journey, It's the Stopping for Clams

The first food I have any conscious memory of eating is three-dozen raw clams on the half-shell. I was four.
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Meeting of the Minds: are there plausible evolutions technology is bringing about in man?

From more articulated typing fingers to an information sense, to a group mind - are there plausible evolutions technology is bringing about in man? What do you know? I don't mean like, "Hey, look at that!" I mean actually what do you know right now, as in: of what things are you aware?


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