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Socialites Leave the Nest but "Start Small"

What is the fastest way out of Mom and Dad's house (or, in this case, Upper East Side duplex)? If you're an upwardly mobile over-30 socialite, the answer is easy. Embark on a hobby-career: designer, candy hawker, actress, slut. The options are endless.
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The Decline of West Village Civilization

Nothing kills the flavor of a neighborhood like the arrival of a bank. Especially the modern bank with its flat screens and gaudy 24-hour glowing facades. Hudson Street, which has been suffering for some time, died a little more today.
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The Joy of Plywood

Plywood boards are the green shoots of the restaurant world. Plywood and a sign that a favorite restaurant is moving in is the happy counterpart to those sad-sack save-Joe's signs that go up as the last dying embers of a beloved eatery go out. The fall generally brings more of the former and fewer of the latter. And there has been reason to get ebullient over the sign of plywood lately.
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When Animal Logos Attack

Make no mistake, Williamsburg's relative-newcomer Walter Foods is a very, very welcome addition to Grand Street, where another seemingly anonymous eatery seems to pop up weekly. If you couldn't guess by the frightening mer-cow logo (which causes passersby to exclaim "dear god" before they are enchanted by the smell of grilling meat), the place is a chophouse-seafood mashup.
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By 'Rogue' Does Palin Mean 'Savage And Destructive' Or Just 'Dishonest'?

Yesterday we learned not only that Sarah Palin had completed her memoir in record time, but that it would be called "Going Rogue." Forget for just a moment what you think or feel about Sarah Palin -- whether she's the MILF you love to hate or the savior of conservative values, crank, hockey mom, or pest -- it makes no difference.
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Robot Monkey Fighting Comes To Brooklyn

Think about this for a second: monkeys that are robots, fighting. Or to put a finer point on it: robot monkeys smashing into and hitting one another until your local bar is littered with shards of broken plastic. This Saturday, Brooklyn takes on Manhattan in the Robot Monkey Wars Chimpionship II at t.b.d.
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Spike Hill Earning Its Name

You always knew Williamsburg was a real freakshow. And if you like both craft-brewed beer and sideshows, then has Spike Hill got the lager (and entertainment) for you. Coney Island Lager is finishing a week-long residency at the Bedford Ave bar. How does a beer have a residency you may ask?
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The Best Bar Food in the West Village (Is Free)

Few people come to the West Village to go to the WXOU Radio Bar. It's flanked by famous neighbors like The White Horse Tavern across the way and The Spotted Pig down 11th Street. But locals know WXOU boasts one of the best jukeboxes in the city and provides a respite from having to elbow your way to the bar at other places.
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Comment Koan: The Wisdom Of Commenter #12

Just when you think we've all gone off the cliff in this city, that we've all become so obsessed with the minutia of leisure and lifestyle and dining that we no longer make any sense and never will again, that we've gone past the point of no return, there is the voice of reason to rescue us from spiraling into meaninglessness.
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Can Almond Break the Curse of Rocco Dispirito?

As Almond, the well-regarded Bridgehampton bistro, opened a Manhattan outpost last week there were a few questions. First, will the menu carry the standbys of the namesake, or skew more towards the offerings of the trattoria Almondcello? The menu revealed when the restaurant opened its doors on 22nd Street showed mostly the former with a smattering of the latter.
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Time to Retire 'Gastro'

The grand opening of Avenue (10th Ave. btw 17th and 18th), from Marquee vet Noah Tepperberg, this week makes one thing clear (and yes it's too late to say bottle service killed New York): The word gastro has got to go.
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What's A Masstransiscope?

An abandoned subway station in Brooklyn might not be the first place you look for a lesson in primitive filmmaking, but that's where you'll find one. Riding on the B or Q trains from Dekalb Ave to Manhattan commuters looking out the window where usually only rats and mole people are spotted are treated to a fanciful installation by artist Bill Brand called the Masstransiscope.
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